Also, the US is rolling governments around the world, including in the US, are doing more surveillance of their own citizens - let alone others from other countries. And no one has said who pays for KCM now but it does cost something to operate and that funding should move to the TSA. We are talking IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE. Their union fought for this they should be allowed to keep it. Packages large enough to smuggle a sufficient quantity of and when people are searched - which IS part of the security screening process - then there is a legitimate NECESSITY to escalate something that is illegally found to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Life rafts are located on Deck 7 . Basically, cooperate and graduate. Remember, the crew may instead check your carry-on luggage when embarking, so if you carry any electronics that break the MSC drone policy, they may be confiscated until the end of the cruise. SIDA badge holder to carry it into the sterile area then give to the FA for delivery - many SIDA badge holders make less than FAs with easy entry into a position as long as they have a clean-ish background. Association of Flight Attendants-CWA - AFA United MEC, 2020 Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO. believe it or not your not nearly as important as you would like to think you are. There are multiple reports of pilots being busted with weapons. How many pounds of illegal drugs have TSA agents detected and confiscated since their inception? All rights reserved. She was seventy-seven years old. This is not good for regular TSA Pre-Check users. The people being caught with contraband are both flight attendants and pilots. I guarantee if you're a flight attendant reading this you've said "oF cOuRsE I diD!" AFA International | Should be required to use clear backpacks or purses to pass security/ metal detectors should be used and nothing else should be allowed on premises. Hotel and Transportation Issues We Need Facts! What are you talking about 3-4 hours waiting? Failure to follow these rules could result in temporary or permanent loss of KCM privileges. When the JetBlue flight attendant in LAX got caught with cocaine shortly after F/As were included in the program, we all saw the writing on the wall. Security is fine as long as they make it quick for working crew membersthere isn't a pilot or flight attendant anywhere in the world who would be willing to wake-up 3 to 4 hours early on their already too short layovers. I highly doubt it but they wont release the exact numbers they give vague statements so they can grab more power. Packages large enough to smuggle a sufficient quantity of drugs show up on X-rays or via manual searches. If you arrive at the busiest times, youll see dozens of airport staff coming thru the PreCheck positions. I have heard stories of pilots and flight attendants ferrying money, drugs and electronics and that has led to the loss of this expedited service for us. They are a clueless bunch of goons. . since most smuggling takes place internationally, why doesnt immigration have people go through machines when entering the US? I said I'm not concerned with passenger volume or wait times. A: Effective March 31, 2022, the TSA will require KCM eligible crewmembers to scan a KCM-issued barcode card when utilizing a KCM access point. 11/21/22 Notice to KCM Participating Airlines, 6/29/22 Notice to KCM Participating Airlines, 3/1/22 Notice to KCM Participating Crewmembers, 6/23/20 Notice to KCM Participating Crewmembers, A non-expired government-issued photo ID; and, An aircraft operator-issued crewmember photo ID. The more that original mission is replaced by "catch and imprison people carrying contraband" the less it makes sense to ignore the protections afforded under the Fourth. Flight attendants have been the issue with attempting to smuggling things through KCM. If TSA cannot confirm a crewmembers identity or current employment status at the KCM access point, the crewmember will be directed to the passenger-screening checkpoint. Thank you Jennifer for the info. I agree some abuse the system and rules in place. So it does happen..not a fishy story. You also clearly dont know what youre talking about if youre suggesting to not screen pilots. Its fine. A second non-expired government-issued photo ID. The current system is broken beyond repair at the moment. In May 2007, the TSA approved the first version of an alternate screening method called the Crew Personnel Advanced Screening System (CrewPASS). Additionally, authorized crewmembers must not be on a leave of absence greater than 30 days, including furloughs and military duty. after being told you got a random. Punish those that broke the rule. Jose stop your dammm complaining. The voyage through the Strait of Magellan was treacherous and cold, and many sailors. For context, with the Known Crewmember Program, eligible pilots and flight attendants dont have to clear security when passing through airports. Protective Security Officer (PSO)is a member of a protective security force and an element of a security post who has the training, equipment . Flight attendants should have a probationary period and then allowed in as well. The vast majority of flight attendants are dedicated professionals, but unfortunately there have been too many examples in the news of flight attendants trying to smuggle drugs through KCM. If you did, you wouldn't have made such an inept comment. Deny entry and inform the crewmember/s, as applicable, that they are not authorized through the KCM access point. ice axes and ice picks. [1] [2] Collectively called cabin crew, flight attendants are primarily responsible for passenger safety and comfort. The third most common is customer service on 10.7% of resumes. And TSA doesn't enforce mask mandates anymore, and when they did it was because they had to follow the directive of The And TSA doesn't enforce mask mandates anymore, and when they did it was because they had to follow the directive of The federal government. c. May not access the sterile area through the KCM access point if any portion of their travel itinerary includes personal international travel. Sporting goods, kitchen utensils, tools, and other items with sharp edges or points capable of injuring a person. Again, the TSA doesn't handle drug cases but if they do even random checks and find something that is illegal, they are going to refer it to local or federal police. Look, your job could be replaced by a cardboard sign with a red arrow painted on it and a vending machine. As a 30 year career airline pilot, I have a vested interest in protecting my career, so do all of the other pilots I fly with taking security seriously. I have. The Known Crewmember program (often abbreviated KCM) allows select airline pilots and flight attendants to enter the sterile area of the airport without going through the standard security screening process. Will you diffuse the bomb and save the day? The bad apples have ruined a great privilege for the masses. If youve not got anything productive to say, just focus on flying the plane. Prohibited items: Firearms & Ammunition, including realistic replicas. Are you worried that they might find the child porn that you regularly travel with now that you'll be going through security more often? On top of missing birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, special occasions etc. I just assumed thats how it works pretty much everywhere. You idiots change the security process based on whether or not crew have a certain shirt on. You were given a privilege and exploited it. This entire article was a joke and seemed more demeaning than informative. A:The KCM barcode card is used to expedite the crewmember verification process at the KCM access points. Just dump your item, go though screening, exit security and you are reset to try again. Our world has changed. Adding searches of gate personnel and aircrew adds around 5% to the number of searches. I am not trying to disparage flight attendants, of course they are important but they are not the same as pilots and there are multiple rational grounds for distinguishing between them. Crewmembers may not bring pets or pet carriers through the KCM access point. Just a couple of weeks ago I posed the question of whether the Known Crewmember Program should be reconsidered. - you would really have more "professionals" and those are less likely to abuse the system. And if I run out of duty day because I've been standing in line, oh well. No one would do it. Opinions expressed here are the authors alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Reddit - Dive into anything. It does appear the supercilious author of this piece, pulled out his Medallion Card and showed it to the whole worldeven if to mostly blame impoverished flight attendants for being drug mules? Pilots have years and $100,000 plus dollars invested in this career. VxH UKrOrBWuNw9Wv`i|:>Dj^~zfJ)?9VEQ I'm a 44 year flight attendant. 99.99% of those passengers have done nothing wrong, and are carrying no contraband nor weapons. Not only does he have an axe under his seat, but he could simply crash the plane. The outdated machines are looking for glycerine - a primary agent in bombs of the past. Unfortunately, due to the dubious actions and agendas of a few, here we are. KCM is a risk-based security program. The vast majority of crew use KCM exactly as they should and are law abiding. I need to hurry up to get to the plane all while not getting paid for it until that boarding door closes. Get mad at your (and my) own work group. Requiring pilots to meet the same filter as a passenger or FA is sillylook what happened at German Wings A320. Security is an illusion there is no reason to subject those flying the airplane to TSA checks. A: No. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. Do you know how early we have to arrive to be on time and not get paid? The MANY should not be punished, just because of the FEW. Encourage your airline to be more stringent in hiring, join You seem to be missing the point and just jumping on the offense instead. Everyone should be screened. Benjamin Spooner Briggs, his wife, Sarah, and the couple's 2-year-old daughter, Sophia. We do get front of the line access. At least flight attendants have to meet some kind of standards and have a lot to lose. If someone smuggles drugs or other prohibited items through security or customs, bust them and prosecute, dont completely attempt to re invent the wheel by punishing everyone. Yeah, like pilots dont smuggle things in either smh! county netball trials 2020, visa bulletin 2022 predictions,